Fleet Street

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Fleet Street

Back in the day Fleet Street was different from how it is today. Newspapers and printers littered the street, rubbing shoulders over a pint where arguments would inevitably turn into an all out brawl similar to medieval times, not an unusual sight in the good old days of old. Now all that has gone and the legal operations have taken over the crown of thrones, but the printers or us at least have still survived. Through all the changes we have seen in Fleet Street, we have remained and built our own fortress with a stronghold that still services our crown of thrones with as much tender loving care as ever. Technology has vastly changed and with it, we have had to adapt and develop new services to keep our army strong. We are Fleet Streets Knights we are here to serve and protect, battling the economy and guiding our clients through the dark times, so that they can feast upon better times to come.

“When the soul lives by its own integrity, chivalry is born. Never commit murder, or act outrageously. Flee from treasonous thoughts”. King Arthur-well maybe not that dark, but you know what I mean.

Kall Kwik Fleet Street are not so black and white, we do colour as well.

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