About us

Kall Kwik Fleet Street has been established for over twenty years.

As a Business Superbrands, with proven record of providing creative, hard-working solutions, we know how to help an organisation look after their business™. So why not take a look at what we can do for you…

With the latest digital printing capabilities, a design studio and a very experienced & skilled team, we are the ideal printing and graphic design company to work with, to deliver your marketing, design and print needs.

The KallKwik Fleet Street Team

Natalie Muckell – Director

Natalie MuckellNatalie has been working within the print industry for over 20 years and is well respected among her colleagues. She has a wealth of expertise and over the years has gained many awards associated with the industry. She has worked at Kall Kwik Fleet Street since 2001 and has since taken over the franchise from 2006.

“My biggest achievement has been the move of the business to our Beautiful New Office at 14 Fleet Street. The Office allows us to restructure the business and generate a whole new range of services and customers. I am very much looking forward to the future success of the business and the development of the brilliant team I have. As a Liverpool supporter it’s only fair to say that loyalty is my favourite personality trait…”

Christos Tzanetis – Centre Manager

christosChristos has worked for Kall Kwik Fleet Street since 2003 and started as a Junior and over the years has worked his way up to Centre Manager. He is largely involved in the day to day running of the business. He is a much respected member of our team and a pleasure to work alongside him, his dedication to the business is admirable. Christos is always there to cushion the blow and is always willing to burden some of the load. Christos has a young family which always keeps him on his toes. The only downside is that he is a Millwall supporter but we can forgive him for that…what he  lacks in taste he makes up for in character…

Tina Castro – Accounts Manager

tinaTina has been working for Kall Kwik Fleet Street since 2005 and started as a member of our production team. She has since gained extensive experience in administration and now largely looks after the Finance aspect of the business. She and Christos look after the production within the business and it has to be said the best Production Team in the Country. Tina is the humorous element to the business without her the day becomes let me say a little less chaotic in the best sense of the word. Tina is from the Pretty Portuguese Island of Madeira and thankfully they have given us a piece of sunshine in her. Alas she supports Portugal and she loves Cristiano Ronaldo  that in itself is the only let down…

Victor Santos – Graphic Designervictor

Victor has been working for Kall Kwik Fleet Street for over 9 years now and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He runs the design studio and has made many a customer very happy mainly due to the fact he is always prepared to go that extra mile. Victor is from South Africa and with that in mind I have to hold my hands up to him coping with our terrible weather his dedication is beyond reach. He is a big Formula One fan and has managed to explain all the rule changes to allow us all to follow and enjoy the sport ensuring our Monday morning debates go to plan, unfortunately he is an Alonso fan which is a little controversial in the office…

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